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Uncovering and Exploring Military Justice and Its History

Military Justice has interested me since my undergraduate days at the University of Central Florida. I became even more fascinated during my clerkship at the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces after graduating from law school.

If I do something, I do it all the way.

I fully immersed myself in case law, military legal history, and how it has evolved within military society. I studied it, practiced it, and wanted to write about it. Never turned back since.

To complement my scholarly writing, I started blogging in 2013. It gave me the opportunity to keep exploring military justice through shorter posts.

Picture of Gettysburg as lead image of the blog

Now that I returned home and started my practice, I've integrated these two blogs together. Still keep my analysis on Echoes of Adolphus, but will link to it here in addition to more topics.

Very excited to continue sharing my passion and bring my experience to the fight!

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